New Name, Same Mix-And-Match Solutions

Announcing Nutra-Crop, a brand evolution of Legion Bio Chem. Our team and products remain the same, but our new name highlights our dedicated effort to provide solid agronomic solutions.

Why did we change our name?

As we entered this market with a team with over 50 years of combined ag nutrient experience, we were excited to offer solutions that matched the needs of today’s farmer: a proven set of soil productivity solutions. That goal has remained unchanged. However, our name caused some confusion — so, we’re making it clear that our dedicated efforts are aimed at one singular cause: Nutrients for your Crops.

What's the goal of Nutra-Crop?

Our goal remains the same: provide quality, research-verified soil enhancement products that maximize soil productivity. Learn more about our solutions for your field here.

GroForward Solutions

Nutra-Crop is a soil enhancement market leader offering quality, research-verified products. Get the most out of your crop by maximizing soil productivity with our proven and powerful mix-and-match solutions, developed by agronomic experts.